Glo Introduces Free Data to Subscribers… See New Procedure

Glo Free Data to Subscribers… See New Procedure

Glo Free Data, Glo, Glo Subscribers, Glo Introduces Free Data to Subscribers….See more details below;

Glo Free Data
Glo Free Data

Globacom has introduced a new data offer, which guarantees its data subscribers a free access to the Internet for a whole day.

Globacom telecommunications company said that the new offer, ‘Free Data Day’, had been programmed to give subscribers on the network that met the threshold of voice or data usage, 200 megabytes, usable throughout the day for all data-related activities.
“The offer is open to all Glo subscribers,” a statement from the telecoms company said.

Glo Introduces Free Data

Globacom’s Zonal Business Coordinator, Lagos, Adebola Omoboya, said that the offer would allow subscribers on the Glo network to browse the Internet free of charge for a whole day.
According to him, subscribers who want to enjoy the Free Data Day are expected to spend a certain amount or more on calls in the preceding seven days to a free data day or spend at least N150 on voice calls.

 Glo Introduces Free Data

“They are also expected to use a minimum of 100MB of data in the preceding seven days to the free data day from any or a combination of methods such as ‘Pay as you use’, purchase of data plan’ and usage from existing data plan,” Omoboya said.

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