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BOSU List Of Courses Offered (Bornu State University, Maiduguri)


BOSU List Of Courses | bosu.edu.ng

BOSU Courses – The list of current accredited courses offered in Bornu State University, Maiduguri, has been fully compiled in this article, to give students seeking admission in the institution an insight on the available courses. Check below to see the list of BOSU Courses.

BOSU List Of Courses

List of Courses Offered in BOSU & Subject Combination

Below is the current list of Accredited available Courses in Bornu State University, Maiduguri (BOSU) Click on each course to see its SUBJECT COMBINATION.


Click here to check the requirements for each programme (JAMB Brochure).

BOSU Courses and Programmes.

  1. Faculty of Agriculture
    1. Agriculture
    2. Animal Science
    3. Agric Economics & Extension 
    4. Agrimony and Soil Science 
    5. Fisheries 
  2. Faculty of Arts & Education
    1. Languages 
      1. B.A. English 
      2. B A Literature In English 
    2. Islamic Studies 
      1. BA. Islamic Studies 
    3. Educational Foundation 
      1. B. Ed Educational Management 
      2. B. Ed Guidance & Counselling 
    4. Arts & Social Science Education 
      1. B. A Education/English 
      2. B. A Education/Islamic Studies 
      3. B A (Ed ) Education/Economic 
    5. Science Education 
      1. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Biology 
      2. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Chemistry 
      3. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Mathematics 
      4. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Physics 
      5. B.Sc.(Ed.) Education/Computer Science 
  3. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
    1. Accounting 
      1. B. Sc. Accounting 
    2. Business Administration
      1. B. Sc. Business Administration 
    3. Economics 
      1. B. Sc. Economics 
    4. Geography
      1. B. Sc. Geography 
    5. Mass Communication
      1. B. Sc. Mass Communication 
    6. Political Science
      1. B. Sc. Political Science
    7. Sociology 
      1. B. Sc. Sociology 
      2. B. Sc. Criminology and Security Studies 
      3. B. Sc. Peace Studies and conflict Resolution 
    8. Public Administration 
      1. BSc. Public Administration
  4. Faculty of Science
    1. Physics 
      1. B. Sc Physics 
    2. Mathematics and Computer Science 
      1. B. Sc. Computer Science 
      2. B. Sc. Mathematics
      3. B. Sc. Statistics 
    3. Chemistry 
      1. B. Sc. Chemistry 
    4. Biological Sciences 
      1. B. Sc. Biochemistry 
      2. B. Sc. Plant Science and Biotechnology 
      3. B. Sc. Animal & Environmental Biology

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