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Importance & Benefits of knowing your Blood Group – ABO BLOOD GROUP SYSTEM


Importance & Benefits of knowing your Blood Group – This article is going to outline the different types of blood groups we have and the importance/benefits of knowing your blood group… See more details below.


The ABO blood grouping system is used to ascertain or classify which blood group a patient belongs to.

There are four main blood groups – A, B, AB and O. Each of these groups can be either RhD POSITIVE or RhD NEGATIVE, meaning, there are eight main types of blood groups.

Rh anti-D is a substance whose presence or absence in the red blood cells may have adverse health effect for the life of some new born babies or in the event of one receiving blood from another person as in blood transfusion.

Importance & Benefits of knowing your Blood Group
A, B, AB and O blood groups

Your blood group is determined by the gene you inherit from your parents.

Two antigens (A antigen and B antigen) occur on the surfaces of red blood cells. It is these antigens (agglutinogen) that cause most blood transfusion reactions. Because of the way these agglutinogens are inherited, people may have one or both simultaneously.

Importance & Benefits of knowing your Blood Group
A antigen, B antigen and RhD factor

Importance of knowing your Blood Group

  • Blood Donation

It is very necessary during blood transfusion, as any error made during transfusion, such as mismatching blood samples may lead to fatal consequences.
Knowing your blood type helps a lot, when the need to donate blood arises; whether it is needed in the event of an emergency where blood transfusion is required or just donating to a supply for those in need.

  • Helps to control predicted disease risks

Studies have shown that there are some blood types with higher risks of certain diseases than others. So if you know what blood group you fall under, then you will have an incentive to control your lifestyle in a way that prevents you from triggering the disease risks associated with your blood type. For instance, type AB, A and B are said to hold an increased risk of blood clots.

  • Important for pregnancy

The Rh element we mentioned earlier is the most important part in knowing your blood type for pregnancy.
If the mother and the baby do not have that same Rh element in their blood, the mother’s body will react as though it were allergic to the baby. Hemolytic Anemia is the term used for this Rh incompatibility and it can be prevented if the mother knows her blood type.

  • It helps to determine the healthiest diet for you in particular

This is called a Blood Type Diet. This diet ensures that you eat the types of food recommended for your health as per your blood type. Dieticians claim that the food we eat reacts with our blood in ways that either boost our energy, encourage weight loss or even endorse weight gain. So knowing what your blood type is can help you know what kind of food to avoid if you wish to attain your body’s natural balance.
For instance,
Type O blood – natural diet which consist of high-protein food with lean meats and less grain. Type A blood – are encouraged to focus on eating beans, fruits and vegetables.

  • It helps you to know what kind of gym exercises that will work better on you.

Imagine not having to extend and contract your body in all the forms of exercises that exist in the world and just getting straight to the point? Well, that’s another benefit of knowing your blood type.
For instance,
Type O blood handles strenuous exercises better than type A blood, whose best exercises are yoga and Tai chi.

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