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List of Courses in Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences Ijanikin, Lagos | List of Courses Offered in EkoUNIMED


List of Courses in Eko University | www.ekounimed.edu.ng

Eko University Courses – The list of current accredited courses offered in Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences, has been fully compiled in this article, to give students seeking admission in the institution an insight on the available courses. Check below to see the list of EkoUNIMED Courses.

List of Courses in Eko University

List of Courses Offered in Eko University & Subject Combination

Below is the current list of Accredited available Courses in Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences(EkoUNIMED). Click on each course to see its SUBJECT COMBINATION.


About Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED)

Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED), a specialised, privately owned, medical, non-sectarian, and co-educational institution.

Standing for Excellence and Compassion, EkoUNIMED is not just a University, but highly specialized one, a pioneer Private Medical University not only in Nigerian, but certainly in West Africa. With a mission to develop world-class human resources to meet global development challenges; the university offers courses in Medicine and Surgery, Nursing Science, Dentistry and Dental Surgery, and other medical allied programmes as well as Information and Communication Technology.

Through our research center, our faculty members are involved in studies that support policy making for national development often in collaboration with renowned international institutions.

There are currently prospective Nigerian and international institutions that are willing to hold affiliations with Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED). As a unique tertiary institution, we plan to establish several link agreements with universities in Africa, America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and for students, faculty and staff exchanges as well as collaborative research.

Our main objective is to provide competitive and resourceful graduates in Medical and Health Sciences with high ethical standards.  We provide high level of teaching and learning opportunity to all people irrespective of race, tribe, religion or political inclinations, which is being achieved through effective programmes and services based on provision of adequate facilities as well as professionally qualified and competent staff.

The University is established to be an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) compliant institution right from its inception. The internet facilities are available all round the day in every nook and cranny of the university to encourage high academic research by staff and students alike.

With the rapid progression of globalization, the way nations position themselves is changing, and with this as a backdrop it is plain to see that Nigerian’s universities are also changing. Ways of thinking are changing as things are seen through an international light, and it is now seen as a matter of urgency to produce graduates who can be active on the world stage. Here at Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED), we are aiming to be one of the top universities in this global society, and we are making great strides in innovating education and research at the University. In addition to that, with the founding spirits of “excellence and compassion”, Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED) is considering the importance of the university social responsibility, especially contributions to the international community.

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