E-Learning: The Future of education in Nigeria

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Wole Olanipekun

E-learning also known as electronic learning refers to the use of electronic media in learning. It also involves the use of computer or computer devices connected to the internet for learning.

It is certain today that e-learning has come to stay in Nigeria just as it is seen all over the world. Many people are slow to embrace this learning method in Nigeria today due to the low infrastructural development and high level of digital illiteracy. Many schools in Nigeria still use the old method of class room teaching (Chalk and black board etc) in their class rooms and care little about digital learning. Another major hinderance to elearning in Nigeria is poverty. Infact, some schools in Nigeria can hardly afford a new computer set for their students or children not to talk about paying internet subscripion and other facilities that come with this mode of learning.

Despite all the challenges that have hindered elearning in Nigeria, academic experts and professional have always seen elearning as the tool to tacle some of the challenge of education in Nigeria.