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[REVISED] Technical University (Tech-U) Ibadan Academic Calendar & School Fees Schedule for 2019/2020 Session is out – Check Here.


Technical University (Tech-U) Ibadan Academic Calendar, Tech-U Academic Calendar, Tech-U School Fees Schedule, Technical University (Tech-U) Ibadan Academic Calendar & School Fees Schedule for 2019/2020 Session is out…See more details below

Tech-U Academic Calendar

The management of the Technical University (Tech-U), Ibadan, has released the academic calendar and school fees for newly admitted and returning undergraduate students for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Technical University Academic Calendar.

JUNE, 2020
Mon. 8thFirst Semester Undergraduate Examinations in all Faculties Commence
Tue. 30thSenate, 11.00am
JULY, 2020
Wed. 1stEnd of First Semester Examinations
Mon. 6thOnline Course Registration for Second Semester Commences
Thurs. 9thBuilding, Works and Estate Committee, 11.00am
Wed. 15thUniversity Research Committee, 10.00am
Thu 16thDepartmental Board of Examiners
Fri 17thUploading of Students’ Results
Mon 20thSecond Semester Lectures Commences
Mon 20thAcademic Planning Sub-Committee, 10.00am
Tue 21stFaculty Board of Examiners
Thu 23rdConsideration of Results by BCOS Commences (3 weeks after Exam)
Fri. 31stNormal Registration for Courses Ends
AUGUST, 2020
Mon. 3rdOnline Registration for Courses with Penalty Commences
Fri. 7thRegistration for Courses with Penalty Ends
Tue.18thDevelopment Committee, 11.00am
Thurs. 20thFaculty Board- FET, 3.00pm
Mon 24th – Fri. 28thMid-Semester Examinations Commence
Tue. 25thBoard of Tech-U Investment Company,11.00am
Wed. 2ndBoard of Student’s Affairs, 11.00am
Thur. 3rdCommittee on Intellectual Property, 10.00am
Fri. 4thMid-Semester Examinations End
Mon. 7thNon-Teaching Staff Appointment and Promotion Committee (NOTSAP), 11.00am
Tue. 8thF&GPC, 1.00pm
Wed. 9thCOUNCIL MEETING, 11.00 am
Thur. 10thBuilding, Works and Estate Committee, 11.00am
Wed.16thUniversity Research Committee, 10.00am
Mon. 21stAcademic Planning Sub-Committee, 10.00am
Wed. 23rdBusiness Committee of Senate
Tue. 29thSENATE, 11.00am
Mon. 5thAcademic Staff Promotion and Appointments Committee(ASAP),
Tue. 6thCommittee of Deans and Academic Directors, 10.00am
Tue. 13thFaculty Board- FNAS, 3.00 pm
FrI. 9thEnd of Second Semester Lectures
Mon. 12th – Fri. 16thLectures-Free Week
Mon. 19thSecond Semester Undergraduate Examinations in all Faculties
Commence (2 Weeks)
Fri. 30thSecond Semester Examinations End
Mon 2ndSecond Semester Entrepreneurship Training Commences
Fri 13thSecond Semester Entrepreneurship Training Ends
Thu. 12thBuilding, Works and Estate Committee, 11.00am
Mon 16thCommencement of SIWES
Mon. 16thAcademic Planning Sub-Committee, 10.00am
Tue 17thDepartmental Board of Examiners (2 Weeks after end of Examinations)
Wed 18thUploading of Students’ Results
Wed 18thUniversity Research Committee, 10.00 am
Thu 19thFaculty Board of Examiners (2.5 Weeks after end of Examinations)
Tue. 24thBoard of Tech-U Investment Company, 11.00 am
Thu 26thConsideration of Results by BCOS Commences (3 weeks after Exam)
Fri. 27thEnd of Session
Sun 29thFresh Students come into Residence for 2020/2021 Academic Session
Mon 29th Nov- Fri 11th DecOrientation
Tue. 1stCommittee of Deans and Academic Directors, 10.00 am
Wed. 2ndF&GPC/ Other Council Meetings, 1.00 pm
Thur. 3rdCOUNCIL MEETING, 11.00 am
Tue. 8thFaculty Board-FNAS, 3.00 pm
Mon 7th DecOnline Course Registration for First Semester Commences
Thur. 10thCommittee on Intellectual Property, 10.00 am
Sun13th DecReturning Students come into residence
Mon 14th DecCommencement of Lectures
Tue14thSENATE, 11.00 pm
Tue. 15thBusiness Committee of Senate
Thur. 17thFaculty Board-FET, 3.00 pm
Mon. 21stDevelopment Committee, 10.00 am
Thu. 24thChristmas/New Year Break

Tech-U Ibadan School Fees for Fresh Students.

Note to Mobile users: Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

 Admission Service Charges  
1.Result VerificationN10,000.00Once
2.Caution FeeN 25,000.00Once
3.Medical TestN15,000.00Once
4.Student Handbook/ProspectusN2,000.00Once
5.Matriculation Fees/Gown RentN10,000.00Once
6.Branded University Corporate Items
(e.g. School Tie/Scarf, T-Shirt, Laboratory Coat Set, etc.)
 SUB-TOTAL 1N99,000.00Once
8.Development LevyN40,000.00Sessional
9.Medical Health InsuranceN20,000.00Sessional
10.Course RegistrationN10,000.00Sessional
11.Examination FeeN20,000.00Sessional
12.ICT (Email, Internet access, E-Portal)N40,000.00Sessional
13.ID CardN2,000.00Sessional
15.Laboratory PracticalN50,000.00Sessional
16.Workshop/Studio PracticeN30,000.00Sessional
17.Excursion/Field TripN10,000.00Sessional
18.Sports Development LevyN20,000.00Sessional
19.Entrepreneurship & Language StudiesN50,000.00Sessional
 SUB-TOTAL 2N722,000Sessional
 Municipal Services Charges  
20.Accommodation & Municipal ServicesN200,000.00Sessional
21.Bus ServiceN20,000.00Sessional
22.Parent ForumN5,000.00Sessional
23.Association DueN2,500.00Sessional
 SUB-TOTAL 3N177,500 
GRAND TOTALN1,048,500.00

Tech-U School Fees for Returning Students.

Scroll to the side to view all the contents in the table below:

Development LevyN40,000.00Sessional
Medical Health InsuranceN20,000.00Sessional
Course RegistrationN10,000.00Sessional
Examination FeeN20,000.00Sessional
ICT (Email, Internet access, E-Portal)N40,000.00Sessional
ID CardN2,000.00Sessional
Laboratory PracticalN50,000.00Sessional
Workshop/Studio PracticeN30,000.00Sessional
Excursion/Field TripN10,000.00Sessional
Sports Development LevyN20,000.00Sessional
Entrepreneurship & Language StudiesN50,000.00Sessional
SUB-TOTAL 1N722,000Sessional
Municipal Services Charges  
Accommodation & Municipal ServicesN200,000.00Sessional
Bus ServiceN20,000.00Sessional
Parent ForumN5,000.00Sessional
Association DueN2,500.00Sessional
SUB-TOTAL 2N227,500 
GRAND TOTALN949,500.00 

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